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Eddy Pun Uses Belief To Create An Effective Strategy For Quitting Smoking

Eddy Pun helps clients from all around the world with Conversational Hypnotherapy to kick their smoking habit once and for all – and it starts with a dash of magical belief.

For anyone who has ever tried to quit smoking, they know full well that the struggle is real. But not all is lost, and that is where Eddy Pun comes in. He is a well-trained hypnotherapist who has helped numerous clients get to the root of their cigarette addiction and quit smoking for good. 

Sounds too good to be true? Perhaps. But there is a true methodology to it with a proven success rate. Eddy Pun offers an initial 30-minute Zoom call that’s free followed by 2-hour paid consultations. These conversational hypnotherapy sessions are targeted toward helping clients on a global scale face the root cause of why they smoke and unblocks their belief system in order for them to be able to quit smoking easily. In Eddy’s own words, “The session feels like we are having a conversation, and at the end of the session, the client leaves with the full conviction and belief that they can quit smoking easily.” One happy customer had this to say about her experience, “I went from doubting my ability to put the cigarettes down, to knowing with absolute certainty that I can quit; and with ease. It was really that simple.”

Eddy Pun also offers clients lots of free audio sources and reading materials to help them on their journey to a longer and healthier life. And after all of this, he also guarantees a full refund if clients aren’t entirely satisfied after their first session with him. 

According to Eddy, there is no magic solution to quitting smoking for good, but ‘a belief is so magical that it can allow things to happen in your body that you could never have imagined.’ In essence, Eddy’s philosophy for quitting smoking is all about letting your mind and heart first believe that you can heal, and from there, your body will do the rest. That includes stopping the cravings of smoking and anxiety and stabilizing your weight so you can live the healthy life you’ve always dreamt of. Eddy Pun does all of this and more in 5 simple steps for quitting smoking. 

For smokers feeling frustrated with quitting smoking on their own and desperate for a remedy, they couldn’t find a more suitable and empathetic therapist than Eddy Pun. But as Eddy would emphasize, it’s important to approach quitting smoking with an open, judgment-free mindset. After that, even the most impossible magic can become a beautiful reality. 

About ‘Eddy Pun Can Heal’:

Eddy Pun is a successful conversational hypnotherapist from Singapore with expertise in helping people all around the world quit smoking. He started his company ‘Eddy Pun Can Heal’ in 2021 and has a popular YouTube channel by the same name. Eddy Pun offers lots of helpful content and insightful tips on his digital platforms for quitting smoking once and for all. For more insights on the benefits of hypnotherapy in conquering addiction, Eddy Pun also has social media accounts on Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok.



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